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Get your business online with "Make My Website"

Make my Website is a brand new service initiative from IIW Hosting which takes the hassle out of building your own website. If you need a new website to showcase your portfolio, to share your passion with the world or to promote your business online, you can just count on us to build your website for you and get it up and running without any effort.

If you don't have technical skills, a big budget or time to build it yourself, no worries our Make my Website service can get a well-designed and affordable website created quickly by an established web Hosting Company. Our team of web designing experts will build a custom website according to your requirements and ensure the design and content include all the elements you need to attract and convert visitors. In addition, we can take care of everything from designing, hosting to marketing your website.

Our service does not end when we are finished creating your site. We can continue to maintain and update it so you can focus on your core expertise.

Static Web Designing
  • Custom Made Responsive Web Designing
  • Choice in designs
  • Industry based Content Architecture
  • Content Writing Services
  • Free Maintenance after Delivary
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Escalation Matrix
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Dynamic Web Designing
  • Custom Made Responsive Web Designing
  • Choice in designs
  • Industry based Content Architecture
  • Content Writing Services
  • Open Source Powerful CMS
  • Free Maintenance after Delivary
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Escalation Matrix
  • Dedicated Account Manager
E Commerce Development
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Catagories
  • Product based Shopping experience
  • Secure URL
  • Business Class Hosting
  • Managed Backup
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Escalation Matrix
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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Make My Website features

  • Personalised content

  • We work with you to ensure the content on your website is unique and appeals to your target audience.
  • Our experts do the hard work

  • But you keep control. Just tell us what you want and we'll deliver. No idea? We can help.
  • Our service is highly cost effective

  • With transparent pricing, you can ensure you are getting what you need and you can budget for this accordingly.
  • Saves you time

  • Our professional designers create your site so you can concentrate on the things you do best.
  • Free updates

  • Every packages includes frequent updates to ensure your site stays fresh and is kept in the best possible shape
  • Contains everything you need

  • Not only do we build a custom website but we also host it so there is no need to buy a separate package.
  • No software to install

  • We take care of everything so you don't need any software as we will create your website for you.
  • No technical knowledge required

  • You don't need any programming or design skills to use this service; our experts will explain everything in easy to understand language.

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Make My Website FAQ's

What is Make My Website?
Make my Website is a brand new web designing assistance program with which we will create custom website for you. Make my Website is an ideal web designing solution for clients who don't want to get involved in the technical aspects of building a web site. Simply contact our Make my website Consultants and you will have your website built to meet your client’s expectations from you.
How do I order web designing?
Ordering your website with Make my website is a very simple process. Apply online by filling out the online order form. Once we receive your application one of our Consultants will get in touch with you in order to have a better understanding of your requirement. Our consultant will then provide you with a quote for your requirement. Upon receiving your confirmation and financial agreement your ordering process is now complete.
How does Make my Website team build my website?
You will receive a call from one of our account managers who will confirm the requirement that you shared with the Sales consultant based on your confirmation you will receive sample designs to choose from. Further based on your recommendation our production team will amend the design for you. Once you confirm the final design to your account manager, he will co ordinate with the team and deliver the projects for you.
How long does it take for the Make my Website team to create a site for me?
The process depends on your requirements and the size of your site. After we have completed the requirement forms, you will receive an estimate so you know when your website will be ready to go live.
How do I make changes to my published site?
Our web designing experts are happy to help with whatever you need. Whenever you need to change something login to your profile page at IIW Hosting control panel and raise a support request. Your Account Manager will contact you to discuss the changes you require and get our experts to update accordingly.
Can you provide contents and images?
Yes your Account Manager can help with the content and a gallery of images you can choose from, we will still need your input. The best way to ensure you get the site you want is to give us some direction so our team of experts knows what type of content you need and which images would best fit your brand.
Is there a minimum contract?
The minimum contract for this service is 12 months and you can choose to pay on a monthly or annual basis.
Can I manage a published site myself?
Our service takes the pain out of building and managing a website. This means that you won't have to worry about making any changes as our team can manage all the changes for you. If at the end of the contract you decide you have the technical skills needed to manage it yourself and can fix any issues that may occur with your site, please contact your account manager to discuss a downgrade option.
Can I transfer my website to another provider?
Yes You can. We put our best foot forward to ensure that our customers are always happy. However for some reason you find another company who can take better care of your website , we will not hold you back provided the product specific agreements do not say otherwise. For more info in this regards please contact your account manager.
Do I need any technical knowledge to use this service?
No. You don't need any technical knowledge to use this service as our experts will manage everything for you so you don't have to.
I already have a domain. Can I use it with this service?
Yes you can use your existing domain name to avail our services by pointing the name servers to us. We recommend that you could transfer your domain to us as by doing so you will get 1 year renewal at no cost at all.
What if I want a bigger site?
With IIW Hosting size does not matter. We could build any kind of website for you,no matter how big or small.
What if I want to add more pages and contents to my site?
At any point of time you need to update or increase the contents in your website help is just a shout away. You could simply contact your account manager and let them know your new requirements. Please note that additional charges may apply
Will the website be Mobile device compatible?
If you want a website that's optimized for mobile devices, our team can make it happen. Just make sure to let them know that you want a mobile-friendly website when you are requesting a quote.