Change TimeZone

Our servers have been set up with the GMT Time Zone. You can modify your scripts to use EST or any other timezone you need by the following methods :

1) Using the function "putenv" in php scripts :

To convert Time Zone using putenv

echo "Original Time: ". date("h:i:s")."\n";
echo "New Time: ". date("h:i:s")."\n";

2) By putting the following in the .htaccess file in your main public_html folder :

SetEnv TZ "US/Eastern"

You can use 1st OR 2nd method however in case your choice is 2nd - all php data/time functions will use timezone in .htaccess.

Also you should use "US/Central" or "GMT-6", this is identical

Below is a list of timezones and the offset (in hours) from UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). Find your geographic area on the list to determine your offset.

UTC Offset Geographic Area
0 England, Ireland, Portugal
+1 Europe: France, Spain, Germany, Poland, etc.
+2 Central Europe: Turkey, Greece, Finland, etc.
+3 Moscow, Saudi Arabia
+4 Oman
+5 Pakistan
+6 India
+7 Indonesia
+8 China, Phillipines, Malaysia, West Australia
+9 Japan
+10 East Australia
+11 Solomon islands, Micronesia
+12 Marshall Islands, Fiji
-11 Samoa, Midway
-10 Hawaii, French Polynesia, Cook island
-9 Alaska
-8 US Pacific
-7 US Mountain
-6 US Central
-5 US Eastern
-4 New Foundland, Venezuela, Chile
-3 Brazil, Argentina, Greenland
-2 Mid-Atlantic
-1 Azores, Cape Verda Is.

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