How to turn on register_globals

The register_globals can be turned on in your php.ini file. To do this, create a php.ini file in the directory you need this to be turned on. Then add the following :
register_globals = On

The php.ini file is a configuration file that the server looks at to see what options have been turned on, off or set to a number different from the defaults that we have set for the server. While the name may seem advanced to those unfamiliar with it, it's simply a text file with the name php.ini

To create a php.ini file, just open up a text editor, add in the lines you need and save the file. You can name the file whatever you wish when saving. Once done, upload the file to the directory where your script is located and then rename it to php.ini .

There is one main difference to the use of .htaccess vs php.ini -- a .htaccess file can be placed in the root directory and affects all subdirectories with just 1 file, php.ini does not work this way. A php.ini file needs to be placed in every directory and subdirectory that requires the altered directives. 

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