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Before the worst possible nightmare has turned into harsh reality and complete data loss has occurred, you need a disaster recovery plan that you can have complete faith

IIW Hosting Disaster Recovery Plan is focussed on business continuity in the event of a disaster that destroys part or all of a business's critical data. with our Disaster Recovery on Demand solution you get all the peace of mind without having to setup your in-house IT disaster recovery plan and the DR facility to support it. You will not only save on the huge expenditure associated with setting up such a facility but will be able to concentrate on your core business, which means that your bottom line will look better, quarter after quarter.


The goal of our Disaster Recovery Plan is to resume normal computing capabilities in as little time as possible. we achieve this with 4 simple steps



Our Disaster Recovery Plan begins with Understanding your organization's activities and how all of its resources are interconnected. We assess your organization's vulnerability in areas of IT infrastructure by understanding how all levels of the organization would be affected in the event of a disaster


Based on our assessment we develop both short-term and long term recovery plan. including how to return to normal business operations and prioritizing the order of functions that are resumed. We also provide assistance in regularly Testing and consistently maintaining and updating the plan as the business changes.


IIW Hosting Disaster Recovery plans are designed to save your data and your money. You do not need a huge investment in deploying your very own Disaster Recovery facility. With our pay-per-use solutions, you spend money only when you really need to. IIW Hosting makes disaster recovery planning simple and economical. you can now invest your precious IT budget where you need to right now.


Our Disaster Recovery plans deployed on the cloud has inspired our clients to trust us with their valuable data. Our Clients have turned to us for disaster recovery planning and have used our on-demand storage sites to store replicate their irreplaceable data.

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