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IIW Hosting is a web hosting and Datacentre Services Company that provides end to end IT infrastructure services.IIW Hosting was founded in November 2007. The hosting market was different then with lots of expensive larger web hosting companies with high pricing and low levels of customer service. The lack of good competition allowed the larger hosting companies to continue the way they were. IIW Hosting was formed as the data centre division of Insight Innovative Solutions with an objective to doing things a little different manner. At IIW Hosting we believe good and affordable web hosting service is the right of every business house. We wanted to offer service levels that we could be proud of and have a customer service team who had a genuine interest in helping customers. We started small but with a big vision. IIW Hosting started as just a reseller of one of the then larger web hosting company in India. Our focus has always been in setting standards and over achieving them. We have never been the only company with this great idea, However we have always put in our best to create a margin between us and our competition by working hard to be our clients most prefered Hosting Company, Hence experienced significant growth. By the end of our first year, we had grown from a startup reseller hosting account to running 5 of our own dedicated servers. The rest all History today we support over 20,000 websites we have over 300 of our own servers in different data centers accross the globe. One thing has and will always remain the is our belief that remains clear and always in focus “Good and affordable web hosting service is the right of every business house”

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